Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flesh Redeemed

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us."--John 1.14a
I think most of us are all too aware of the fallout of the Fall from Grace. (I am referring to the consequences of sin entering the world.) We look around, we read the headlines, we see the evening news.
But what about the fallout from the Incarnation and Christ's redeeming work on the Cross? The Incarnation means God becoming flesh in Jesus Christ. What are the results of this? Here's just a few:
1. Flesh, fallen from sin and destined for death, is redeemed, given a new destiny of eternal life.
2. The image of God that every person is created with, marred by sin, is restored so that the glory of God can now be seen in human beings.
3. The world, part of physical creation, which the Bible tells us "moans and groans" as a result of the Fall, now has signs of God's majesty. Just note the beauty of a sunrise, the flight of an eagle, the baby sounds of a newborn.
4. You are loved passionately and completely by your Creator, who saw fit to become one with you, his lovely creation.
These are just a few! I want to give you a challenge today. Instead of looking for signs of what's wrong in the world (that's really pretty easy, isn't it?), look for signs that God is still moving in this world: in the embrace of a loved one or friend, in an act of charity, in the excitation of children. Look for signs today that God indeed "has made his dwelling among us."