Wednesday, March 11, 2015


“then they cried to the Lord in their trouble . . .”—psalm 107.6a
the formulation of tears seems to be a uniquely human act, although, anyone who’s been around animals very long will swear that they too shed tears. i know because i’ve seen them in my dog’s eyes. of course, we could analyze tears scientifically, tears of pain, saline produced by a body (or mind) in distress. but that’s not exactly the simple kind of tears that are described by the psalmist in the verse above. no, the kind of tears he speaks of are the kind that one forms from emotional and spiritual distress. as humans, we always have the option to just unemotionally accept our fate and stoically rise above it. but there are times when even the most sober folks turn to tears.
i’ve shed tears when someone is dying. i’ve shed tears when someone i love was hurting. and yes, i’ve shed tears when i myself was going through some interior battle whether it has been physical sickness or emotional distress. there are many kinds of tears.
but something holy happens when we offer tears to the Lord, when we cry to the Lord, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. it becomes an offering, sweeter than the sweetest incense, more costly than the finest goat of the flock, more sincere than a million dollar check to charity.
your tears can be an offering to the Lord today. would you share them with Him and maybe a close friend too?