Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Table

The Table It all began at a Table The Table was the earth A place where God laid out a feast For Adam and Eve A feast with all the Goodness of physical blessing Come from God's own Loving Hands Then sin cursed the Table Man's disobedience Cracked the Table in two So, from then on The Table would be Uneven and Distorted Or so it seemed . . . At another Table Abraham laid his son His only son There to sacrifice But Grace prevailed The Lord provides A perfect ram For sacrifice Ages passed And the Hebrews feasted At another Table With a feast of Unleavened Bread And Passover Lamb Wine as a sign of the Blessings of God's good earth But still, the Table Was warped by human sin No sacrifice could cover it all No one meal could it overcome Until . . . One Thursday Eve A simple carpenter rabbi Gathered twelve at His Table It was a New Table Not warped and cracked But strong and whole Strong enough to hold The Bread and the Wine That Became His Body and His Blood All who feast at this Table Are healed of the curse All who feast at this Table Have their sins covered All who feast at this Table Have the joy and peace Of a Promise, an Assurance That they have a Place At the Heavenly Table A Table not made with human hands A Table like the first Table Except it is eternal It's a Table big enough For you and for me Come, now, the feast Is Ready! @2013, Michael Lancaster